2012 Chilliwack Heritage Awards

The Chilliwack Heritage Awards were presented on March 24, 2012 by the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society. Each year they present awards to individuals, businesses, governments or groups whose efforts have made important contributions to the culture, history and/or heritage of Chilliwack and its people.

This year, author Andrea Lister, with research assistants Robin and Sheila Lister, were given a Heritage Awards for the book Commitment to Caring: Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary’s 100 Years, 1911-2011, (ISBN: 978-0-9868333-0-4).

“I am honoured that the book Commitment to Caring has been selected to receive a Chilliwack Heritage Award,” said Andrea Lister. “I feel fortunate to have told the story of these women whose dedication and community involvement have supported the Chilliwack Hospital for over 100 years.”