Thrift Shoppe Reopening June 9

We are pleased to announce the reopening of our totally sanitized Thrift Shoppe on June 9 with a 50% off storewide sale. To begin with, we will be open 2 days a week Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Donations pre-bagged or in closed boxes will be accepted on Fridays only, at the rear entrance between 10 AM and 1 PM.

We will be following the guidelines set out by Fraser Health and WorkSafe BC so at this time everyone will be required to wear their own face masks inside the store. We will sanitize hands at the door.

There is limited space so do not bring children and please follow the spacing regulations.

Our dressing room will be closed but for now we have a 7 day return policy on clothing.

Welcome back!!!!!

Auxiliary Day May 10, 2020 – COVID Style

Every year the Auxiliary has a bake sale to celebrate Auxiliary Day May 10. We couldn’t do that this year so we had to come up with another plan.

Beckie Evans, Our new volunteer coordinator, Karen Holden, President and Debbie Tracey, Vice-President and Robert from Fraser Valley Health care Foundation.

We decided to celebrate Auxiliary Day on Friday May 8, 2020 by doing so in the safest way possible. We got permission from CGH Administration so I bought the hanging basket and made a thank you sign. We put all the names of the different departments of the hospital into a bowl. Our new volunteer liaison Beckie Evans drew the name and the winner was the Emergency Dept. We then got their manager Kim Choi to meet us and we handed the basket over to her. She then went back to her Dept and drew a name from all her staff. Christine was the winner.

Drawing a name.

Thanks to Debbie Tracey for assisting me and also on hand was Robert from Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation. He’s holding our green BCAHA bag because it matched his shirt. This photo will be sent to BCAHA next year for the photo contest.

The Emergency Dept was very appreciative. This was a small effort on our part to thank all the hospital essential workers for their hard work and dedication over the past few months.

Presenting the flower basket to Kim, the head of the Emergency Department.

We look forward to the day when we can safely open the Thrift Shoppe and welcome back our customers. In the meantime please check out our Facebook and Instagram.

Thrift Shoppe Closed Until Further Notice

The Thrift Shoppe at 9236 Main St will be closed indefinitely from today March 16 due to the COVID-19 virus. This is to ensure the safety of our volunteers and our devoted customers. Please do not drop off any donations during this time. We will post again when it’s business as usual. Please stay safe and thank you for your understanding.

There are a variety of ways that you can support the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary and their work to support the Chilliwack General Hospital. Donations can be made to the Auxiliary at any time, contact us for more information.

Shoppe Sales

A variety of items are on sale at the Thrift Shoppe at 9236 Main St in March.

The Shoppe will be closed on Monday March 9 for our annual meeting. Thanks for your patronage.

Book Sale

March 5 to 14, 2020

Pocket books are 25 cents each.

Hard cover 50 cents each.

Harlequin books are 5 for 25 cents.

Books on sale

Purses, Shoes, Boots

Half price shoes

Week of March 16, purses, shoes and boots are half price.

Half Price Clothing

Week of Mar 23rd ladies and men’s clothing will be half price.

Half price clothing

Bag Sale

March 29th and 30th there will be a $6.00 bag sale.

Some facts about the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary

So many opportunities to give back with the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary! The Hospital Auxiliary has been helping Chilliwack since 1911. Read a bit about our history.

Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to donate money to the Chilliwack Hospital for equipment which recently included the new CT Scanner. Each Christmas we contribute to the various hospital departments such as Parkholm, Cedar Park, Psychiatric Department, Heritage Village and Bradley Centre.


We also give out 12 bursaries each year to deserving students entering a medical profession.

How We Help

Our regular programs include the Information Desk, Ambulatory Day Care Program, PATH (Patient Assistance to Home) Tea Service, Palliative Care, Companionship Visiting Program, Outpatient Diabetes Clinic and we also added some new programs such as Paediatric Unit and Maternity.

Knitting Case

Our knitting case by the front desk is operated solely by the Auxiliary and with the generous help of the Chilliwack Community ladies, we receive beautifully knitted baby clothes which we sell to raise money for the hospital. There are opportunities to knit for us and sell these items.

Thrift Shoppe

Our Thrift Shoppe at 9236 Main St. requires several volunteers to keep the Shoppe operating smoothly each day that it’s open so there are plenty of opportunities to help.

Bake Sales

In addition to these money-makers, we hold bake sales at the Vendors Corner in the hospital each May and November and such fundraisers as pub nights and selling Purdy Chocolates etc.


We have changed the frequency of our monthly meetings to once every three months to encourage more membership to attend.

Join Us

Our annual membership fee is $12 but for that you have the opportunity to attend conferences each year without any charge to you.

All in all, there are many benefits to joining our society so when you check the CGH Auxiliary box at the bottom of page 1 of the application form, there are many opportunities for you. The biggest one is meeting new people and having fun doing it.

Why You Will Want to Join Us

Did you know the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary was organized and received our charter in 1911 and that the Chilliwack Hospital officially opened in 1912? In 1944 the Auxiliary introduced the baby case at the hospital from which knitted baby clothes are still sold today. In 1999 our Thrift Shoppe opened at 9236 Main St. To date we have raised an astounding 6.1 million for hospital equipment.

We’ve been through two world wars and countless adversities and we’re still raising money for our cause. Times have changed and fundraising has become a huge challenge. Gone are the days of being on the weekly society page of our local paper. There are many charities in our community competing for donations from individuals and stores alike. Potential volunteers have less time on their hands now with many looking after grandchildren and aging parents or holding down more than one job or working later in life.

There are still many potential volunteers out there who may be willing to lend a hand. Do you have 4 hours a week to help out at the Thrift Shoppe or one of our many hospital services?

Do you love to knit and would like to help us by donating some of your lovely baby clothes to our knitting case?

Do you have older teenagers at home who need volunteer hours to complete a course in high school? They could help us with our social media or maybe help on a Saturday at the Shoppe. Are you new to the neighbourhood and want to make new friends and have fun? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, we would like to hear from you.

CONNECT with us through our facebook page, visit the info desk at the hospital, or our Thrift Shoppe at 9236 Main St for an application form.

Please help us carry on our tradition in the community.

Volunteerism is good for the soul.

Nurses’ Home

Nurses Home and Chilliwack Hospital, 1924, postcard from Gwen Goodey collection

In 1923 “the Auxiliary added cheerfully to their responsibilities by offering to furnish the new nurses’ home” built by the Hospital Board.[1] The selected and purchased the furnishings for the home, as well, as six private wards. The cost to the Auxiliary was $1,030 (about $15, 301 in 2018 dollars). The sewing and purchasing committee, headed by Mrs. Mabel Fox and Mrs. Elvira Day, was augmented for purpose of furnishing the nurses’ home. Donations of dishes, pictures, towels, books, a gramophone where received from the community.

The nurses’ home opened May 5, 1924 on a bright, sunny day with the smell of lilac blossoms in the air. The women of the auxiliary decorated the home and hospital with flowers and presided over a tea table for the over 250 people who attended the opening.[2]


Text excerpted with permission from Commitment to Caring: Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary’s 100 years, 1911-2011 by Andrea Lister.

[1] Chilliwack Progress, Jan 17, 1924, 1.

[2] Chilliwack Progress, May 8, 1924, 1.